Welcome to Hototogisu Japanese Lesson !!!

Let's study together!!!

At Hototogisu, we want to help people who would like to start learning or continue studying the Japanese language.

Here you will get private one-to-one tutoring where lessons are tailored to fit your learning style to ensure you are able to study effectively and enjoy doing so!

Let's do our best together!

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Minna-san Konnichiwa!!

I'm Haruka, It's a pleasure to meet you! I was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan and I'm currently teaching Japanese.

Having qualifications in teaching Japanese, I'm able to teach various levels; at the moment I have experience teaching beginner courses, primary school level and can teach all the way up to the JLPT N1 level.


Institute : Fukuoka YWCA

Course : Teaching Japanese as a Second Language 

               ( 420 hours of training at a Japanese government                      accredited course. )

​Date of completion: 2017

  • Working at private schools in London, teaching Japanese to adults and children.(2017-2019)

  • Private tutoring (online/in person) (2010-currently)

  • Teaching Japanese to foreign students at public schools in Fukuoka.(2019-currently)



Teaching Style

The Style I use to teach Japanese is the "Direct Method" where I will try to communicate and explain everything in Japanese. I use this method as it is the most effective way of learning languages. If students have a difficult time understanding the Japanese being taught, I will assist by using English to help them.


Only using Japanese during lessons from the start may sound difficult, but students slowly get used to it and improve quicker through this style!

Let's do our best together!!

While learning Japanese during lessons, I will also teach students aspects of Japanese culture. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding lessons.

​Lesson Types


Here is a quick preview of lessons that are currently available.

For more information, Please head over to the "Lesson Types" section.

Beginner Class

Intermediate Class

Advanced Class

  • Hiragana

  • Katakana

  • Basic Japanese grammar

Conversation Class

  • Talk about various topics every lesson.

  • Short Articles

  • Practicing Kanji 

  • Discussing in Japanese

JLPT Class

  • N5~N1

  • Do a quick test first, afterwards we will focus your weak areas.

  • Reading Japanese newspapers and Novels

  • Debate

  • Business level Japanese

Kids Class

  • Hiragana / Katakana

  • Basic grammar, vocabulary

  • Primary school of Kanji

  • Reading book

  • General conversation