Lesson Types

you can change the class whenever you want if would you like to study another class.

Beginner class

We will begin studying Japanese by learning Hiragana, Katakana, beginner level grammar and vocabulary. If you would also like to study Kanji at the same time, I will prepare Kanji handouts for you to study with as well as doing Kanji tests during lesson.

・Basic verb, noun, and adverbs.        ・Adjective types

・Sentence of negative, non past ,          past and question.

・ Hiragana / Katakana.

・Self introduction / Greeting       

・Time / Numbers               


Beginner class contents

Beginner class

Intermediate class

Intermediate class

  • Passive sentence

  • Basic Kanji 

  • Read short article ( without Yomigana )

Intermediate class contents

  • Basic honorific 

  • Writing short sentence 

  • Intermediate level of Grammar and Vocabulary. 

In this class level, we will introduce a wider variety of grammar used during everyday conversation and practice comprehensive skills in order to help you understand Japanese on an intermediate level such as reading short newspaper articles.


From here we can take different approach on how you would like to learn and what textbooks we will use; whether you're studying for an upcoming exam, or you prefer to take it at a pace that suits you.

Advanced class

We will start reading Japanese newspapers and novels. This will help you memories Japanese, as well as finding new vocabulary, grammar and Kanji.

In the Advanced class, we will look and read at higher level reading materials such as Newspapers, novels and advanced level textbooks in order to help solidify your knowledge and understanding of the Japanese language.

・Review kanji and vocabulary by news paper and novel

・Debate and speech in Japanese 

・Business level Japanese ( More detail of  honorific )

Advanced class

Advanced Class contents

JLPT class

JLPT class

This class is If you're planning to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and would like to prepare for it. We have various exercises as well as practice questions in order to help you prepare for the examination level of your choice; First we will do some tests to see where your current level is and then focus on your weaker areas.

JLPT Class contents 

  • Kanji and Vocabulary test in every lesson   

  • JLPT official practice workbook   

  • Nihongo soumatome textbook (basic)        

  • Kanzen master textbook (practical)  

Conversation class

Conversation class

During Conversation classes, we will talk freely about various topics to help improve and give you confidence when speaking Japanese; these topics can consist of modern day news, culture or anything you have an interest in.


Such topics may include:

・Introducing your country ( Traditions, typical things/ people / places )
・Favorite food or sweets   ( Introduce your recipe )  

・Childhood dreams

・Difficult things in Japan or Japanese 

Topics will change following the student's level and request.

Kids class

We will begin studying Japanese by learning Hiragana, Katakana, primary school level Kanji and grammar. 

I'll change textbook and lesson materials depending on the student's level. If you have questions about lesson, please let me know. 

I also prepare some lesson materials for the lesson.  However If you already use a certain textbook, Please let me know. 

Kids Class  

  • Basic verb, noun, and adverbs.  

  • Time / Numbers

  • Month /  Day  

  • Sentence of negative, non past , past and question.

  •  Reading, writing and dictation of Hiragana / Katakana.

  • Self introduction / Greetings        

  • Primary school level Kanji          

  • Particles

Kids Course contents